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Grodziski Rower Miejski



About GRM

GRM, i.e. Grodziski Rower Miejski provides an alternative form of transport, allowing its users to move around the city fast.GRM – 92 bikes and 12 stations



Initial fee: 10  
from 1 to 20 minutes 0
from 21 to 60 minutes: 1
Second hour: 1
Third hour: 1
Fourth and each additional hour (till 12hours) 5
Letter notification on violations of the Regulations
Bike theft, loss or damage
Fee for exceeding the 12 hours bike hire limit for every starting hour counting from 13 to 24 hour of hire (max.120 zł)
10 zł
Fee for the lack of return of a bike after 24 hour for every starting hour from 25 hour of hire to 48 hour (max 480 zł)
20 zł
Bike return in a place other than one of the stations, except for situations arising from technical reasons and after informing CK GRM



Weather in Grodzisk Maz.

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